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​At the Law Office of Barbara E. Ungar, with the office located in Edison, New Jersey, we provide you with professional legal services while ensuring aggressive and dedicated representation. Our law office is committed to quality representation of you as our client and our goal is being able to achieve the best results possible for you. 
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Our law office is a full service law firm providing diligent representation in criminal litigation, landlord tenant proceedings, family court, chancery and probate litigation. With the marijuana bill being passed legalizing recreational marijuana under 6 ounces and expungements of prior criminal records being expanded in 2021, our office has now expanded its focus to the handling of all types of expungements for those clients seeking to enter the work force or already employed.         

Our law office also defends clients charged with all municipal court offenses, traffic violations, disorderly persons offenses, petty disorderly persons offenses, charges for DUI and DWI in NJ, driving while suspended and on the revoked list, and drug charges in the municipal courts throughout the State. 

Our law office has continued to represent our clients in the preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills and halachic living wills, which services have been expanded due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Our office has also continued to provide effective representation in the filing of Guardianship proceedings and in the handling of estate matters, non-contested and contested probate litigation through the Surrogate's Offices and in the Superior Courts. 

Our office has continued to provide our expertise in offering a wide range of mental health advocacy for our clients.  Given the COVID pandemic, individuals have suffered the loss of employment or disability due to the COVID pandemic. Long haulers are in an unrepresented class that suffer from a wide range of medical conditions that impacts all aspects of life functioning. At the Law Office of Barbara Ungar, we understand the long COVID 19 condition and advocate for our clients in providing a full range of legal assistance and support in obtaining the necessary benefits in the workplace.

Barbara Ungar, Esq., has practiced law for almost 32 years and has engaged in the private practice of law for the past 21 years. She is a strong advocate for her clients and has achieved great results for them. Her zealous representation of her clients in all stages of criminal prosecutions in the Superior Courts of New Jersey and in all stages of New Jersey municipal court proceedings, DUI, DWI, disorderly persons offenses and traffic violations in the municipal courts and in the family courts, has resulted in favorable outcomes, which are reflected in some notable results. 

Barbara Ungar served as the Chair of the Municipal Court Practice Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association for two terms. During her tenure as Chair of the Municipal Court Practice Section, Ms. Ungar became the Chair of the Subcommittee on Judicial Independence in the Municipal Courts and held four public hearings throughout the State of New Jersey, which were chaired by Ms. Ungar. Ms. Ungar was also involved in the handling of the appeal before the New Jersey State Supreme Court in State v. Denselbeck concerning the right to a jury trial for third and subsequent DWI offenses. 

Barbara Ungar also served as the Chair of the Criminal Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association. During her tenure as Chair of the Criminal Law Section, the Section was involved in the review of the Criminal Law Justice Reform Act that changed our former bail system to allow our clients to be released on pre-trial conditions of release into the community.  Ms. Ungar currently serves on the Lawyer Well-being Committee of the New Jersey State Bar Association.  

In March, 2016, the Appellate Division, in an unpublished important decision by the Court, affirmed the lower court's decision to allow Ms. Ungar's client (an out of state resident with second degree gun possession charges) into Pre-trial Intervention over the State's objection.  

In February, 2019, the Appellate Division, in another unpublished decision by the Court, considered the Court's decision to admit Ms. Ungar's client into Pre-trial Intervention over the State's objection. The Appellate Division remanded the case back to the Court for further consideration.