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 On December 9, 2016, Barbara Ungar, Esq., was recognized
 by the New Jersey State Bar Association for her participation in 
 the Amicus Brief to the New Jersey State Supreme Court in  
 State v. James Denelsbeck involving the right to a jury trial in 
 third and subsequent DWI offenses in New Jersey.

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 On March 22, 2017, Barbara Ungar, Esq., moderated a 
 panel discussion for an ICLE program at the Law Center in
 New Brunswick, New Jersey on Evaluating Competency of  Criminal  Defendants in the Courts and Utilizing Criminal  Defenses of Diminished Capacity and Insanity at Trial and 
 a discussion of the Prosecutor's Diversion Programs for
 individuals with mental illness. The ICLE program, was
 sponsored by the Criminal Law Section and the Military
 Law and Veterans Affairs Section of the New Jersey State 
 Bar Association.

​ On May 18,  2017, Barbara Ungar, Esq., moderated a panel  discussion on Crafting Opening and Closing Statements at Trial  and Effective Jury Instructions in the Criminal Track  Programming of the Annual Meeting of the New Jersey State  Bar Association at the Borgota Hotel in Atlantic City, New  Jersey.

 On May 19, 2017, the Criminal Law Section recognized
 Barbara Ungar, Esq., for her work as Chair of the Criminal 
 Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association from

 On June 6, 2017, Barbara Ungar, Esq., both moderated and  presented in a panel discussion on ICLE's Hot Topics in  Criminal Law Program at the Law Center in New Brunswick,  New Jersey. 

 On January 1, 2017, the New Criminal Justice Reform and Bail  
 Reform commenced. Barbara Ungar, Esq., moderated a 
 discussion in a Legislative Forum at the Law Center in New
 Brunswick, New Jersey in December, 2016 with Senator Linda
 Greenstein,  Assemblyman Erik Peterson and Assemblywoman
 Shavonda Sumter  addressing the funding issues impacting Bail
 Reform being implemented and the non intended consequences
 on our non citizens in the United States.

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