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Facing No Insurance Violations and the Significant Consequences

by Barbara Ungar, Esq. on 07/12/13

If you have been charged with driving without liability insurance, the Court would have advised you that you are facing severe consequences of loss of your driving privileges, in addition to the imposition of jail time. In addition, if this is your second or subsequent violation, the imposition of jail time is mandatory. If you are a non citizen, there may be a significant impact upon your citizenship status and you must be careful in resolving your case. 

In evaluating your case, it is important to determine if notice of cancellation of your insurance was given to you by your insurance company or if you had notice that you no longer had liability insurance coverage on your vehicle. It is important for a proper evaluation of your case to occur and that you obtain proper representation for your pending charges. Our office will assist you in ensuring that you have proper representation of your charges.

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