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Defending DWI Charges in Municipal Court

by Barbara Ungar, Esq. on 07/12/13

If you were recently arrested and charged with DWI, you are facing jail time, loss of your driver's license, the imposition of an interlock device in your vehicle, penalties and fines. It is important that you have an evaluation of your case by an attorney that has expertise in the handling of DWI cases and determine if the police had a basis to stop your vehicle and as to whether the police had a basis to arrest you. It is important for a determination to be made as to whether the police had a basis to perform any tests on the side of the road and to determine if the police had a basis to request that a Breathalyzer test be done on you.  

We will review the discovery and determine if there was a legal basis to stop your vehicle and then to arrest you. We routinely challenge the basis of the stop of the vehicle, the tests performed on the side of the road, the arrest of you and the Breathalyzer tests done at the station. Through our evaluation of your case, we can also determine if there is a challenge to the accuracy of the readings, to the reliability and operability of the Breathalyzer test done on you.

We will ensure that you receive our utmost attention in dealing with these important issues when we provide your with aggressive and zealous representation of you as a client and we have had success in achieving great results for our DWI clients. For more information about the handling of DWI cases by our lawfirm, you may also visit our website at    

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