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Handling of DUI Defense In Municipal Cout

by Barbara Ungar, Esq. on 07/12/13

When facing a charge of DUI, you are aware that there are significant penalties involved of loss of your driving privileges, and exposure to jail time, especially if you are facing a second or third or subsequent offense. It is important for your case to be reviewed by an experienced attorney that is used to defending individuals charged with DUI offenses. 

Often, the police in stopping you and then arresting you for DUI, rely on their own assessment of you and their expertise to determine if you are under the influence of drugs or other narcotics. Yet, there is often a basis to challenge the police as to the basis for stopping the vehicle initially and then, for their own determination that you were under the influence of drugs or other narcotics at the time of the stop that led them to arrest you. At our office, we routinely challenge the police's expert determination and have had success in achieving great results in our defense of DUI cases. 

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